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DFlip jQuery Options

To provide customization following options are available:


    var options = {

    //sets if to use 3d or not (true|false)
    webgl: true,
    //if you want to turn of shadow in 3d set it to false
    webglShadow: true,

    // if enable sound at start (true|false)
    soundEnable: true,

    // height of the container
    // value(eg: 320) or percentage (eg: '50%')
    // calculaton limit: minimum 320, max window height
    height: '100%',

    // set to true to show outline on open (true|false)
    autoEnableOutline: false,

    // set to true to show thumbnail on open (true|false)
    autoEnableThumbnail: false,

    // set to true if PDF inbuilt outline is to be removed (true|false)
    overwritePDFOutline: false,

    // enableDownload of PDF files (true|false)
    enableDownload: true,

    // duration of page turn in milliseconds
    duration: 800,

    //direction of flipbook
    //DFLIP.DIRECTION.LTR or 1	for left to right(default),
    //DFLIP.DIRECTION.RTL or 2	for right to left,
    direction: DFLIP.DIRECTION.LTR,

    //set as
    //DFLIP.PAGE_MODE.AUTO	 				for auto-detect(default),
    //DFLIP.PAGE_MODE.SINGLE or 1 			for singleview,
    //DFLIP.PAGE_MODE.DOUBLE or 2 			for doubleview,

    //set as
    //DFLIP.SINGLE_PAGE_MODE.AUTO	 				for auto-detect(default),
    //DFLIP.SINGLE_PAGE_MODE.ZOOM or 1 				for normal zoom single view,
    //DFLIP.SINGLE_PAGE_MODE.BOOKLET or 2 			for Booklet mode,

    //color value in hexadecimal
    backgroundColor: "#fff",

    forceFit: true, //very rare usage leave it as true unless page are not fitting wrong...
    transparent: false, //true or false
    hard: "none", //possible values are "hard", "none", "cover"

    annotationClass: "",

    autoPlay: false,
    autoPlayDuration: 5000,
    autoPlayStart: false,

    // texture settings
    maxTextureSize: 1600,	//max page size to be rendered. for pdf files only
    minTextureSize: 256,	//min page size to be rendered. for pdf files only
    rangeChunkSize: 524288,

    // icons for the buttons
    icons: {
      'altnext': 'ti-angle-right',
      'altprev': 'ti-angle-left',
      'next': 'ti-angle-right',
      'prev': 'ti-angle-left',
      'end': 'ti-angle-double-right',
      'start': 'ti-angle-double-left',
      'share': 'ti-sharethis',
      'help': 'ti-help-alt',
      'more': 'ti-more-alt',
      'download': 'ti-download',
      'zoomin': 'ti-zoom-in',
      'zoomout': 'ti-zoom-out',
      'fullscreen': 'ti-fullscreen',
      'fitscreen': 'ti-arrows-corner',
      'thumbnail': 'ti-layout-grid2',
      'outline': 'ti-menu-alt',
      'close': 'ti-close',
      'doublepage': 'ti-book',
      'singlepage': 'ti-file',
      'sound': 'ti-volume',
      'facebook': 'ti-facebook',
      'google': 'ti-google',
      'twitter': 'ti-twitter-alt',
      'mail': 'ti-email',
      'play': 'ti-control-play',
      'pause': 'ti-control-pause'

    // TRANSLATION text to be displayed
    text: {

      toggleSound: "Turn on/off Sound",
      toggleThumbnails: "Toggle Thumbnails",
      toggleOutline: "Toggle Outline/Bookmark",
      previousPage: "Previous Page",
      nextPage: "Next Page",
      toggleFullscreen: "Toggle Fullscreen",
      zoomIn: "Zoom In",
      zoomOut: "Zoom Out",
      toggleHelp: "Toggle Help",

      singlePageMode: "Single Page Mode",
      doublePageMode: "Double Page Mode",
      downloadPDFFile: "Download PDF File",
      gotoFirstPage: "Goto First Page",
      gotoLastPage: "Goto Last Page",
      play: "Start AutoPlay",
      pause: "Pause AutoPlay",

      share: "Share"

    //valid controlnames:
    allControls: "altPrev,pageNumber,altNext,play,outline,thumbnail,zoomIn,zoomOut,fullScreen,share,download,more,pageMode,startPage,endPage,sound",
    moreControls: "download,pageMode,startPage,endPage,sound",
    hideControls: "",

    paddingTop: 30,
    paddingLeft: 50,
    paddingRight: 50,
    paddingBottom: 30,

    //set if the zoom changes on mouse scroll (true|false)
    scrollWheel: true,

    // callbacks
    onCreate: function (flipBook) {
      // after flip book is created is fired
    onCreateUI: function (flipBook) {
      // after ui created event is fired
    onFlip: function (flipBook) {
      // after flip event is fired
    beforeFlip: function (flipBook) {
      // before flip event is fired
    onReady: function (flipBook) {
      // after flip book is completely loaded

    zoomRatio: 1.5,

     * These options are not supposed to be sent from options variable
     * dependency URLS (NON-OPTION):
     * Do not set them as options,
     * Refer to advance-examples
    //(NON-OPTION) source link for PDF.JS file
    pdfjsSrc: "js/libs/pdf.min.js",
    //(NON-OPTION) source link for PDFcompatibility.JS file
    pdfjsCompatibilitySrc: "js/libs/compatibility.js",
    //(NON-OPTION) source link for PDF.WORKER.JS file
    pdfjsWorkerSrc: "js/libs/pdf.worker.min.js",
    //(NON-OPTION) source link for THREE.JS file
    threejsSrc: "js/libs/three.min.js",
    //(NON-OPTION) source link for MOCKUP.JS file
    mockupjsSrc: "js/libs/mockup.min.js",
    //(NON-OPTION) File path to the trun sound
    soundFile: "sound/turn2.mp3",
    imagesLocation: "images",
    imageResourcesPath: "images/pdfjs/",
    cMapUrl: "cmaps/", //it's quite wierd how cmaps don't work properly with relative urls like others.. but is relative to pdf.min.js path

    //(NON-OPTION) developer parameters
    enableDebugLog: false,
    canvasToBlob: false,//as of 1.2.9 canvas are better optimized and secure
    enableAnnotation: true,
    pdfRenderQuality: 0.90,

     * Let them be, change at your risk
    // if texture fallback override is required
    // note: if set to anything other than "blank" the first page is changed
    // recommended : "blank"
    textureLoadFallback: "blank", //"images/textures/white.jpg",
    // controls the flexibility of the paper more value for more flexiblilty
    stiffness: 3,
    // minTopOffset: 30,
    // link to the images file that you want as background.
    // supported files are jpgs,png. smaller files are preffered for performance
    backgroundImage: "",//"images/textures/el.jpg",
    // or any number like 5, 500. recommended: "auto"

    pageRatio: null, 		//equals to width/height

    pixelRatio: window.devicePixelRatio || 1,
    thumbElement: 'div',

    /*3D settings*/
    spotLightIntensity: 0.22,
    ambientLightColor: "#fff",
    ambientLightIntensity: 0.8,
    shadowOpacity: 0.15
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